OfficeByte provides hosted VoIP services for businesses worldwide.
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Cloud Solutions

Nothing matches the flexibility, scalability, and accessibility of VoIP services that live in a cloud environment; one where the available computing resources adjust to accommodate your demand in real or near-real time.

With our platform, everything can be pushed from your office system directly to your mobile phone so that it literally becomes your traveling VoIP system. Never miss a call wherever you are.

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OfficeByte cloud VoIP model provides an embedded continuity plan that’s built in at implementation, not just a bolted on as an afterthought.

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Take the power of your desktop phone……

                                                   …..anywhere you go.

6755i-1024x725You get…


  • Rental on all phones (or)
  • Monthly fee
  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • Free after-hours Auto attendant (greeting) for first year
  • Never pay

You Can…

Port your Current Number You can keep your existing phone numbers and “port” or transfer them to your new phone service.

Disaster Recovery We will answer calls and route calls to users, even when you do not have power or internet. Callers will not know you are down, so they don’t think you are out of business.

Did you know that Hurricane Sandy called for high demand on VoIP services?